Alienation >>> from the one
Seek the mysteries >>> of the sun

Travel through >>> the end of time
Humanity >>> commits the crime

Born are we >>> to condemn
Please be wrong >>> always them

A painting takes >>> a piece of mind
Blink of life >>> treasure find

Insanity >>> feeds decay
Flowers bloom >>> hands to pray

What is self?
How does the self become integrated with its self?

Creature self?
That witch we share with all other animals?

Symbolic self?
Ego, you are the chief actor?

Is determined by your metaphysical self?

Who am I?
What may I know?
What shall I do?
How shall I grow?

Who are you?
What do you show?
How do you do?
Now you lay low?

To the center >>> I will seek
For the truth >>> of the meek

Inherit the earth >>> someday they are
It is written >>> not to far

Armageddon >>> time is near
Souls of waste >>> do they fear?

Give up to him >>> submit your sin
Confession still >>> Can you win

Searching for >>> the light of day
I can’t see >>> lead the way

Hold me tight >>> my lips you may
Enter you >>> by chance today

Passion burns >>> our love set free
Taste the flesh >>> ecstasy

Can only have beauty if they are experienced by a living mind.

A falling tree
Shall not scream in the forest if you are not there to witness the pain my dear

Yes it is true.
The end is near
The time has come
The ghosts appear

The end of the long day
Crawls to the corner of the narrow ledge
And spills forth the mind I have been blessed with
A metamorphosis pushes forth beneath the clouds
Accent to heaven awaits me
And peace at last

It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time lord


Copyright © 2005 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved