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Blake Aaron
Blake Aaron Montage
watercolor painting "Poetry Man" with concert photography
Bake Aaron's Christmas Show 2008
Bake Aaron's Christmas Show 2008
Two encores for Blake
Bake Aaron's Christmas Show 2008
A gift From Aaron
"With Every Touch" CD
Inside cover, "With Every Touch" CD
"This was my second show working for the
Central Valley Music Group and it was
great.  Blake had the audience dancing in
front of the stage by the third song.  No one
wanted him to leave.  They got two encores
out of him and were working on a third.

I always buy CD's at the shows I'm involved
with but being given one by the artist as a
gift is a special thing in my book.  After
meeting Blake he gave me one of his CD's
and autographed it for me.

The funny thing about this show was all
month long 105.5 the River was billing it as
a Christmas Show.  I kept waiting for "Jingle
Bell Rock" to find its way into the set but the
only thing Christmassy about the show was
the tree on stage."

Blake Aaron and David Jon Foster after the show
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