Come To Me Now

Running from,  decay I feel
Nourishment, condemned last meal

Send some one, come for me
Search I have, night I see

Please you must, save my soul
Pray I trust, fill this hole

Take me with you, show me how
Live the life, to you I bow

Do your work, let it be,
Evermore, disciple me

Lift me up, to your world
Hold me close, heart unfurled

Beg from you, sympathy
Help me God, set me free

Please, Come to me now,
Come to me now
Come to me now
Come to me now
I beg you…

They tell me you’re the only one
They tell me you’re the way
Touch me heal me Love me now
By the moon I pray

Fill me
With your grace
Before it’s too late
Come to me lord

Copyright © 2004 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved