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On March 10, 2013 abstract artist David Jon Foster was appointed Ship Artist of the MV
AURORA by owner Chris Wilson.  The 293ft. MV AURORA yacht was built in 1955 in
Germany as the MV WAPPEN VON HAMBURG.  She sailed many of the world’s seas
under names such as MV DELOS, MV POLAR STAR, MV XANADU and others.

After many years at sea and in state of serious disrepair she was acquired by Wilson who
has made it his mission to restore the ship to the majesty that she once new.

Foster opened an art studio on board the yacht and creates original paintings inspired by the
MV AURORA’s nautical history, the world’s oceans and creatures of the sea.  The new
artworks adorn the yacht’s Kenego Lounge and can be seen in other displays about the
ship.  Large murals are planed for the main lobby, Lido and Captains lounge.  The art is for
sale and all proceeds are used to further art and beautification projects on board the Aurora
as well as support the MarineBio Conservation Society, a nonprofit volunteer marine
conservation and science education group and Sea Shepherd, a non profit international
marine wildlife conservation society.

“I was looking for an artist who had the creative vision and originality to set this ship apart,
one whose artwork matched my affection for this great ship” said Wilson.

Foster says “I lived on Monterey Bay for several years as a kid. Being a diver and sailing
the coast of California with my father for many years has given me a deep affinity for all
things nautical, the oceans and life beneath the sea. This is a great opportunity and a perfect
fit for me. I'm really exited to join the crew and be apart of this project”

The MV AURORA is moored across from Barron Hilton's Venice Island in the San Joaquin
Delta and hosts private events including art shows, film festivals and more. It is also home
to Abstractor Studios a film production company.
David Jon Foster Art Studio at the MV AURORA Super Yacht
The art studio, located port aft in the ship's Main Lounge next to the Spectre Bar.
David Jon Foster Studio at MV AURORA Super Yacht
Art studio view overlooking Little
Connection Slough across to Barron
Hilton's Venice Island.
David Jon Foster Official Ship Artist of the MV AURORA Super Yacht
First painting "Xanadu" done in the new studio. Spring 2013
From Wappen Von Hamburg to MV AURORA Video
Xanadu by David Jon Foster
24x30 watercolor on canvas / $600.00
Pacific Star by David Jon Foster
Pacific Star
12x24 watercolor on canvas
12x24 watercolor on canvas
/ $250.00
Polar Star
12x24 watercolor on canvas / $250.00
18x24 watercolor on canvas / $350.00
18x24 watercolor on canvas / $350.00
MV AURORA Collection
12x36 watercolor on canvas / $400.00
12x36 watercolor on canvas / SOLD
Mediterrainian Cruise
24x30 watercolor on canvas / SOLD
David Jon Foster in studio at MV AURORA Super Yacht
Painting at night.
Past Events
Art studio at night.
The Aurora in San Francisco bay.
Vintage postcard
Art painted onboard the MV Aurora
The Ghost Ship
MV AURORA Collection
24x30 watercolor on canvas / $600.00