Do you want to know?

Do you want to know?  Do you want to make the connection?  There is another level,
another realm or consciousnessfor lack of better words to convey the experience.  
Some times there are niceties and perks and when all is well it may be a little fun or
even sublime to have the knowledge and power.

Not many people can but some are already there.  They know who they are…. they
see the visions… they can feel it, they understand or don’t understand as the case
may be, it is not all perfect and some may know part or all or some and a little of
their own secrets to be held dear.  It cannot always be controlled or even
understood by those that are there.  You can not buy a ticket to ride, you can not
ingest a foreign matter to arrive, and you either have it or not.  It is both a blessing
and curse. Having both knowledge of things that are sought, and still living with the
answer others seek.  

Some times you can try to explain it to someone and it is as if time slows down to a
crawl and there speech is amplified like a foreign language and you realize they can
not understand you, one might as well be talking to the wall. You eventually give up
and start talking to them in their own language again because its no use, they don’t
get it.  You of course realize, in your more compassionateself, its not there fault,
they are the lucky ones...    

Don’t gaze into my eyes, don’t touch my hand, do not enter into me, the ignorance of
bliss is they way for you, you
don’t want the truth.  The truth will not set you free; it will bring pain and suffering.  

The moon for one I cry

Its shadows trice I die

Depth of soul revealed

To many it’s concealed

Shall you feel the tears?

Might you taste the fears?

Can you touch my heart?

Sorrows sweet in part

Weeping from the dark of night

Come to me the day of light

Grant me the sublime decay

Deliver me from this way

If you know, if you understand it, I am sorry, as I am sorry for myself also and the
others. If you don’t have a clue. Thank god, thank the lord above. Live a happy life
like the cow.
It’s the better way. You should not know the answers. For if you do, the burden you
will carry with you as do I and the others.
Trust me; it will bring pain and suffering.
Copyright © 2005 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved