David Jon Foster Studio
Levi Huffman
Cover page for the Levi Huffman Project 2004
Jack n Coke 2004
Kindered  Spirits 2005
Experience 2004
Levi soloing at Mombos 2005
"Duet" Levi and Mary @ Rosewood Bar & Grill Summer 2004
Levi, Peter White and Michael Paulo in the courtyard 2005
Rosewood Summer 2004
Levi and Smooth Jazz Legend Peter White at Mombos
Spring 2005
Danza 2004
Levi Huffman performing with Ivan Najara
summer 2005
This CD comes from Levi's CD release
party at Rosewood.  That was a great
party I'll never forget.  Levi's music
reminds me of a mix of new age, world
music and smooth jazz. These tunes
are great, original works of art that
sooth the mind and soul. Levi also
does some awesome covers of
Zepplin, Sting  and other great rockers
in a cool Levi style. What can I say
except Levis my Bro, anything for
Levi... -djf
David Jon Foster and Levi Huffman after a
performance at Pasos Vineyards Winery 2007
Web link banner I made for Levi
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