David Jon Foster Art
Losing My Powers
          Smooth, list full, days plod along, is this the
way? Everyone cherishes?, still I feel it will all be
over with soon.  This may be the last time, it feels
as though.
          Have you ever been so in tune with your
self that you could feel your self grow, your mind
shrink?  Like a caterpillar to a butterfly but
strangely enough a caterpillar once again.  I am
losing my powers.  They are slipping, fading and
harder to feel.  Coming back to join you all is a
hard to thing accept.  It’s been a wild ride. If I can
temper the horror and savor the sweetest of all
emotion I may be ok, at least ill have my
memories, but it’s hard to remember even now.  
And that may be too much to hope for.  How sad.
          Was it worth it?  I don’t know.  Well it
doesn't matter; I didn’t even have a choice in this
any way.
          There have been warning signs.  Laughing
with the people.  Only one painting in months.   To
forget as I once did many years ago, yes, laughing
with the people.  Although I have prayed for this, to
be like the others, the cow, my neighbor if you
might recall “The Canvas”, I’m not so sure
anymore.  Maybe it is better this way. I could be a
simple flower maybe in my sleep.  Or a drop of
dew, to lie in the grass and breathe, the grass and
dirt are my brothers to you know.  It will be easier
on the loved ones anyway.
          Maybe I’ll finally understand the angels
again, they have been speaking a logic that I don’t
understand, like the mortals do.  It’s weird because
I used to speak to them, I don’t know if I was
speaking their language or mine but we
understood each other, connected, completely.
Did they forget who I am?  An alien yes or some
incarnation there of but certainly not a cow, not yet
          They haven’t been able to hear me for
almost a week now and it’s been rough with out
them.  But ill be joining them soon.   Logic will
soon rain fourth I’m sure and ill be gone or at least
who I am will be gone, or who I was, forever, hearts
be dammed anyway.  Forever is a long time you
know.  Eternity…. is a long long time………… so
be careful angels, please be careful and gentle.  It’
s me remember.
           The change is coming.  How strange it was
to be another person, perhaps my missions hear is
complete.  Or, is that all that there is for me to do?  
Me? Some strange experiment?  Some strange
mission? Contact me please give me a sign, don’t
just let me slip away, at least tell me why, at least
tell me it’s over now, rest with the others be free
like the others on this planet. Eating grass until the
end of time.  You created me, you sent me hear, all
I ask is that you tell me why?  Is that to much?
          I can still remember how I begged to not
know, to erase to knowledge, give back the
powers.  I do miss it a bit as painful as it was, the
joy like no other in this world, to much for mortals I
guess.  I am returning to the stars, I can feel it,
ever so slow, ever so faint.  They grow slower,
good bye my angels if you can still hear me, the
next time I see you logic will rain. good bye poets,
the homeless man, music maker, good bye to the
strangers that could read my mind, look into my
eyes and feel my soul, good bye canvas, good bye
pen, good bye…
Copyright © 2006 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved