DJF  A  r  t   S  t  u  d  i  o
Marion Lucka / David Jon Foster

The Project

mixed media photographic montage
This was the first of three experimental
montage projects.  With this project,
renowned German artist Marion Lucka
sent digital images of her unfinished art
work to me.  I then blended digital images
of my own art with hers to create new and
unique works of art.

Mothers Tree
Explore was done during the
first stages of war in Iraq and
reflects the nervous concern,
anxiety, sadness and
darkness felt by me at this

The title " Explore" that was
given to the piece at the time
was meant to mis direct the
true inspiration of this piece.

The Queen
Sun worshiper
Queens Cousin
The Twin
Copyright © 2004 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved