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Mombo Hernandez
Mombo Hernandez,

"Percussionist to the Stars"  

Mombo Hernandez was born with the gift of
rhythm. At an early age he was playing
rhythms on anything that would make a sound!
Born on 10-11-48 in Lodi, California, his
earliest percussion instruments were his Mom's
ironing board, sofa, chairs, and tables. That
carried him through the '50s. During his
teenage years in the 60s he found that the
metal dashboards in cars made great sound.
By this time Mombo was also playing a regular
drum kit. It was during the 70's that he first saw
Santana's congero Michael Carabello. Mombo
put aside the regular drum kit and purchased
his first set of congas. He was hooked!!! Over
the next several years he has added exotic
world percussion instruments to what he calls
his "spice kit".

During the 80's Mombo started performing at
local clubs and brunches around the
Sacramento area. He continued with this until
the mid-90's when he hooked up with Smooth
Jazz Vocalist Slim Man...and then from that
fateful day there was no looking back. Some of
the artists Mombo has performed with include:
Peter White, Rick Braun, Lou Rawls, David
Benoit, Dave Koz, Steve Oliver, Tony Windle,
Slim Man, Greg Vail, WAR, and Rob Mullins
and others.
Mombo has played the following Smooth Jazz
Catalina, Newport Beach, Monterey, Mount
Hood, D.C. Jazz Festivals, KSBR Birthday
Bash, and the Modesto Jazz, Arts & Wine
Mombo performs with Ivan Najara
summer 2005
Mombo with Marc Antoine SOS Club 2007
Mombo Magic
" Tibetan Buddhist word to discribe the awakening mind of enlightenment "
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