David Jon Foster Art
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a bad little spider...
5x30+1 and wait no longer onyx will,
arachnid emerges from the shadow still,
slow as wine suspicion not shine, fools all are we,
The sun for all to see…is not reality…

Two souls, one widow, one pure to thee, witch one shall it be,
both, as only she can see, will be now poisoned,
as is she

No freedom but a slave to onyx ways, waste it on me, destiny betrays,
free will indeed, born of thy brain, handed to thee,
unleashes the pain, the gift will fill, bitter is the ill

Circling thy pray… today is thy day,
evermore to thee… wake up and see

Lying in wait, malice for fate, anticipation of, the hunt and thrill,
Cruelty brings forth, pleasure to her sport, the stage to be set…
Widow not regret

For time has come to play with the toy sit back and enjoy
Right time, to infiltrate, the mind of the weak, to seduce,
the spirit of the strong, time to attack……

With eyes that carve, my heart will starve,
and retched is my soul to be,
everlasting darkness beset on thee,

My blood will be shed, nay, for only in thy head,
When taken thence you see the light…
of darkness crow, spirit in flight…..

Never to return, pain will burn, my fate you did earn,
the venom a worm, remember it well
I burn in hell…
Copyright © 2004 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved