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Tony Windle and Mombo at the Crepe Vine 2004
Tony windle in The Gold Room, Hotel Lodi 2004
Tony windle  and Mombo at the Crepe Vine 2004
Tony windle  and Mombo at the Crepe Vine 2004
Tony windle  and Mombo at the Hotel Lodi 2004
Tony Windle and Mombo
in the Gold Room, Hotel Lodi 2004
This concert was one out of a series of four we did in 2004.  It was
out doors under the columns at Hutchings Street Square.  Great
picnic on the grass atmosphere and great smooth jazz.  Tony and
his sax man Scott Reams were fantastic.  Mombo jammed with
them and it was a lot of fun.  Tony and Mombo had the kids in the
audience playing along with some extra percussion instruments
Mombo had.  Family fun for all.  Tony covered an old favorite of
mine from maybe 1973 or 74 or so.  "One"  by Three Dog Night.  
That was a nice surprise, I hadn't herd that song in many years
and Tony jazzed it up beautifully.
This night was a lot of fun.  Tony sounded great, played a few new
tunes and a few old tunes with a different twist.  Mombo was playing
with Tony tonight and it was like old times family night.  They didn't
miss a beat.  We all had some wine and Tony was in good humor.  
Every one was laughing and having a good time.  It was almost like
Mombo was playing strait man to Tony.  It was like having two shows
in one. About half way through the show Mombo's son Mario (who I
had not seen since he played the vibes with Slim Man at The Square
about three years earlier) was asked to play with the band.  Mario
played percussion solo, with Tony and with just Mombo for a while.  
This was a real treat to hear father and son playing together like
that.  Tony has been in So Cal lately and has been working on a
"chill" sound for an up coming CD.  I Cant wait to here this new
sound from Tony. This night was also a little special for me because
I had put up about 21 pieces on exhibition at the Crepe Vine.  Had
some nice comments from people and Sold Bikini Atoll. An all around
great evening.
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