David Jon Foster Studio
Travis Vega
"In the early Spring of 2008 I was hired by
smooth jazz musician Travis Vega to do the
photography for his new CD.  Well I did that and
also ended up doing the CD design, art direction
and graphics.

Then on top of that I also ended up naming two
songs and the CD itself. I am very happy to be
working with Travis and proud of this latest

"Travis is a great talent not only as guitarist but
also as composer...  The 25 years old Travis is
fresh on the start to a big career".

-HBH - Smooth & Soul (Nov 1, 2007)

"Travis Vega is a guitarist with a great sound and a
lot of promise..."

-John Luciano - Contemporaryjazz.com
(Oct 29, 2007)
"Travis Vega Project 2008" Cover
Shot on location at David Jon Foster Studio,
Pasos Vineyards, and Vino Piazza Lockeford
4 panel insert front and back
4 panel insert page 2 and 3
back tray card
inside tray card
CD face before cut
Poem used for inside tray  text

Arts Truth Be Known
By David Jon Foster

I see the visions,
in the dark

I paint a picture,
with no mark

I hear the music
That has no sound

I find the keys
that cant be found

All by yourself
but not alone

I am with you
arts truth be known

Turn me on
Gaze at me

I’ve given all
for you to see

Seek and learn
explore your mind

Journey to take
answers to find

Time is now
do not wait

Open your heart
its not to late

Live with passion
have your fun

Dreams come true
I am the one
Copyright © 2008 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved