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In the winter of 2003 life changing events were a catalyst for David Jon Foster's deep
exploration into the world of art and his own mind.  Foster is a true outsider to the
mainstream art world and is self taught.  His style and techniques are all his own.  Even his
medium "watercolor on canvas" is a rarity .  Foster copies no one and as a true
abstractionist doesn't have a clue as to what the paintings will look like until finished.

Foster's passion and exploration lead him to the world of creative writing, short stories and
poetry.  His book "The Writing of David Jon Foster" was published in the Summer of 2008.

During this same period, Foster was involved in the Smooth Jazz music scene and while
primarily using his photography to document his art collection, began experimenting with
music photography.  He has been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest musicians
in Smooth Jazz.  

“abstract art and creative writing” he says “gives me the extreme freedom I need to express
feelings in my mind but I am not always in control”  “I’m trying to get away from the darker
undertones some of my work might portray but sometimes it seams as if my hand paints and
writes all by itself” “I don’t really understand it but It's what I do”.  

The David Jon Foster - Studio Gallery is located in the heart of Lodi Appellation wine
country at Pasos Vineyards Winery.   

"I never really
experience myself
as I really am
because I am
always becoming
what the future has
fortold for me.

As soon as I think I
have it figured out
I have already
changed to some
one I don't really
know all that well."

-David Jon Foster
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All Rights Reserved