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US Mail: David Jon Foster Studio Gallery
c/o Lone Grape Winery at Tuscan Winery Village
12470 Locke Road
Lockeford CA 95237     


Lodi News Sentinel article (Emotion on Canvas 2007)

The Wine Labels

Goodwin Gallery Art Show 2005

Lodi News Sentinel article (Renaissance Man 2005)

Map to Studio

David Jon Foster Slide Show


2011/2012 J27 Gallery, Sacramento CA

2010/2011 Lexington Plaza Waterfront Hotel, Stockton CA

2009 Smooth Jazz on The Square Concert Series (Retrospective)

2008 Travis Vega Cd Release Party (Solo Multimedia Exhibition)

2008 Lodi Wine and Visitors Center, Lodi CA (Solo Exhibition)

2005 856 Fine Dinning, Stockton CA (Group Exhibition)

2004/2005/2006 Mombo's Restaurant, Lodi CA (Solo Exhibition)

2004 Lodi Community Art Center Gallery, Lodi CA (Group Exhibition

2004 Goodwin Gallery, Stockton CA (Group Exhibition)

2004 Field of Beans Coffee Shop, Lodi CA (Group Exhibition)

1980 McKey Student Art Exhibition, Stockton CA
"Beethovens Last Symphony", Honorable Mention


2015 David Jon Foster Aurora Art Show at the Historic MV Aurora (Solo)

2014 David Jon Foster Art Show at Upstream Winery, Lodi CA (Solo)

2013 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2012 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2011 J27 Gallery Featured Artist for November, Sacramento CA

2011 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2010 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2009 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2008 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2007 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2007 Thomas Theater Gallery, Lodi CA (Solo)

2006 Pasos Vineyards Fall Art Show, Lockeford CA (Solo)

2005 Goodwin Gallery, Stockton CA, (Featured Artist)

2004 Lodi Art Center Gallery Smallworks Show, Lodi CA (Group)


2014 Tobin Harding, Lodi CA "Untitled #2298"

2013 Leah Yaroslaski, Lodi CA " Sparkler"

2009 Leah Yaroslaski, Lodi CA "Lotus"

2007 Mike and Sue Grady, Sparks NV "Cava Cordovan"

2007 Mr. Perry Neves, Lodi CA "Hereafter Forever"

2007 Mr. John Herick, Lodi CA "Osion"

2006 Ms. Maria Cazarez, Stockton CA "Aria"

2006 Mr. and Mrs. George Singer, Valley Springs CA "Enchanted"

2004 Ms. Elke Beck, Stockton CA "North Sea Memory"

2004 Mrs. Cristina Meneses, Stockton CA "Dreams of Patagonia"
"those crazy nights, I
do remember
in my youth
I do recall,
those were
the best times,
most of all..."

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