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My Way

I connect with the music I'm
hearing and often listen to the
same CD repeatedly for up to 6
hours at a time while painting.  
This allows me to feel the music in
my heart and soul.  I derive a
spiritual power from the music and
that of the artist who created it.  
The music blends with my own
emotions, inspirations and the
paint itself to become a synergy of
artistic expression.
My Music

I always listen to music while
painting.  I Listen to many kinds of
music including  rock, heavy metal,
smooth jazz, jazz fusion, chill, new
age, and even pop hip-hop/R&B.  
Heres a list of some of my favorite
musical artists to listen to while

Levi Huffman,  Travis Vega, Miles
Davis, Four 80 East, Nils, Petter
White, Three Doors Down, Fuel,
Staind, Tool, Metalica, Black
Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins,
Lincoln Park, Bush.
My Paint

I use Grumbacher and Winsor &
Newton watercolor paints almost  
exclusively. Lately though Ive been
buying paint in China on my art
trips there.

All paintings are hand sprayed with
Prisimacolor or Blair 200 fixative
for a lite protective seal.
"I can see trough
mountains, watch me
disappear, I can
even touch the sky,
Swallowing colours
of the sound I hear
Am I just a crazy

-Daisley - Kerslake -
Osbourne - Rhoads
My Canvas

I use only the best machine
stretched canvas I can find.

My techniques will only work with a
taught canvas .
My Brushes

I use Loew-Cornell nylon brushes
exclusively. Ive tried others but the
tchniques ive developed will only
work with these fine little magic

I sometimes use oil pastel,
scientificly manufactured charcoal,
rubbing alcohol, foam paint rollers,
hamburger flippers ,spray bottles,
blow dryers, syringes, erasures,
palette knives, tooth brushes,
sponges, Q-tips, socks and old
T-shirts in creating my paintings.
Copyright © 2007 David Jon Foster
All Rights Reserved
Public Art

I paint in publics spaces and walls
with found items like pieces of old
shopping carts, fans, hubcaps etc
as stencils, I use spray paint and
sometimes use watercolor. It's
street art but i only paint with
property owner permission, Once
though in an abandoned
condemned building in China.